Shortly after the incorporation of the Village, at the April regular Council meeting, "Lack of fire fighting equipment was also brought up". The first purchase of equipment was made on January 5th 1954.On July 6, 1954, it was recorded the "Village of Caroline" received title to Lot 15, Blk 1, Plan 6976ET. (5023 - 50 Ave) for a purchase price of $150.00.

Council passed a by-law (#21) to authorize the Council to build a building which would be a combination Lock-Up, Fire Hall and Village Office. This by-law states that "work is to be done by taxpayers owing taxes" and the size to be 28' X 20' allowing space for expansion, if necessary. A further motion by Graham, seconded by Carter was that George McLean oversee the work. Nailers to be allowed $1.00/hour and carpenters $1.25/hour.

The building was completed and the official opening of the Village Office and Fire Hall took place in February 1955. Council decided to serve coffee and donuts free. The expense of the opening was $1.70.